The IRS released a statement this a.m. expressing sympathy for Bostonians following yesterday’s bomb attacks.

It began, “Our hearts go out…”,yada, yada, yada.

Disingenuous bastards.

They have no heart, let alone several.


The IRS can take credit for making mid April the flash date for persons disenchanted with

our government; particularly and most dangerously, those malcontents with mental problems who are willing to wrap a bomb around their anger and target the innocent as if that gives weight to their complaint.

It only confirms their ignorance and cowardice. They’re too stupid to articulate an opinion and don’t have the real, visceral conviction to try.

Stupid, shallow cowards.

Patriot’s Day in Boston is a local holiday that celebrates Boston’s rebellious past. It just so happened that history came down on its side and made “patriots” out of renegades, rebels and (according to some transplanted Tories), traitors.

Patriots to me.

I’d much rather throw barbs and trenchant words at my adversaries and challenge the wisdom of their actions.


They belong on Broadway.