Proof Positive


For those of you struggling with the issue of whether or not the City of Jonesboro should allow Dr. Eddie Cooper the right to convert his R1 zoned residential property into a major business operation supported largely by public and private funds, allow me to remove any doubt, any rational argument, any conscientious concerns as to the “threat” his proposed Kings Ranch poses to its neighbors and their respective property values.

My wife and I have recently completed major improvements to our home which sits on land contiguous to Dr. Cooper’s property.  When we step out onto our front porch, we can see the house that was purchased by Kings Ranch and which is the subject of this appeal.


We started our improvement project well over a year ago and agreed at that time to place our house on the market once the improvements were completed.  Our decision was made at a time Dr. Cooper’s intentions were unknown to us, but within the full confidence we lived under the strict protections offered us by our City’s R1 zoned status.

My wife is a real estate broker who listed our house.


For quite some time, one prospect has been tracking our progress and asked to view it as soon as possible.

This prospect is financially qualified and has done the due diligence to discover all costs associated with the property including insurance, real estate taxes, utilities, fees for pool, grounds and security system maintenance as well as our annual POA dues.


When we called them to schedule a viewing, the first question they asked was, “What’s the status of the Kings Ranch issue?”


All we could say is that the JMAPC, the law and common sense are in our favor, but no official decision has been made by the City Council.


With that said, they viewed the property and advised us later that they would not go forward, IF THE KINGS RANCH IS ALLOWED TO LOCATE NEXT DOOR.


The value of our house has been appraised in the seven figures and, as you well know, chances of finding a qualified buyer today are slim to none.

My wife and I agree that a decision favoring the Kings Ranch is not just illogical and shameful, it’s legally actionable.


Our advice to the Coopers is care for the children and do no harm to thy neighbors.

If you locate Kings Ranch on property better suited as a ranch site, will you love these needful children less?


All we ask of the Council is to support the protections provided in our R1 Zoning Ordinances and to honor the decision of the JMAPC to deny the Cooper’s request.