Well said.

Agree with the dual nature of man:  Inherent Good vs. Evil; The Yin vs.Yang, and the like.

It’s also manifest in the larger context of our cultural values and behaviors.  American is addicted to war.  We decry it, yet we pursue it.  Relentlessly.

We’re also capable of good, very good deeds, and pursue them with equal fervor.

Add the media, the web and a 24-hr. news cycle, and the act of “war” becomes a commodity.

What specific behaviors should we expect from warriors?  What values apply?

War is not an extension of our good nature or vice versa.

War is evil.

War is home to bad acts.

War nurtures and exalts our evil nature.

War is Hell.

Why is everyone so surprised and outraged by the actions of Robert Bales?

Let’s work on the core problem.  If we can cure America’s addiction to war, the Robert Bales of the world will not have the killing fields to act out their darkest impulses.