We’re drying up.  Everywhere.


I have a brother who lives in Raleigh, NC, where the absence of rain has caused officials to impose a series of restrictions on the local citizenry to control their water usage. As drought conditions worsen, so do the restrictions; in fact, today in Raleigh, the situation is approaching a crisis.

Lawns can be watered only one time per week.  Residents are allowed only two showers a week and they have to limit the flushing of toilets to three times per day.  Can you imagine being responsible for policing such outrageous restrictions?

What a shame.


Hey, it’s tough here, too, but no sweat.

We’re Arkansans.

Evenwith similar arid conditions in and around Jonesboro, we’ve not been asked or required by public officials to suffer more by having restrictions on when and how we can use our available water supplies; in fact, one of the little known blessings of being from Arkansas is that we’re raised in a manner that protects our natural water resources.

For example, males under the age of 50 are required to relieve themselves outside on bushes, behind trees, even on their pickup truck tires.  Those who require privacy are easily satisfied by installing a little house no more than twenty paces behind their big house.  This architectural addition to their landscape has proven to be very popular among women.

Seniors, like me, are accustomed to one flush per day and that occurs on or before 5 a.m., after we’ve emptied our bladders three to ten times during the night.

We don’t shower; instead, most of us own a canoe or other small water craft that we use in local lakes and streams where we go to take care of all our personal bathing needs.

I admit we have complete bathroom fixtures in our house, but that’s only to impress our out-of-town guests who seem to think that bathing is a daily requirement and, where they come from, most do it inside their homes.

What a bunch of self-indulgent wimps.

The only people who water their yards around here are either Yankees or retired; in other words, they don’t know any better or have nothing better to do.  The rest of us have an uncompromising respect for Mother Nature and consider her weather extremes to be predictable and inevitable.

It is what it is.

Drought, floods and freezing temperatures are natural occurrences that are essential in order to perpetuate the selection process that dictates that only the strong shall survive.

Makes sense to me.


Harry Herget

2705 Bloom Meadow

Jonesboro, AR  72404