The Nightmare On Main Street.


9/16/08 was the financial equivalent to the tragedy of 9/11/01.

Both were historic, monumental in scope and came with plenty of warnings that were systematically and routinely ignored.


The events of 9/11/01 and 9/16/08 took years to evolve, were engineered by small groups of fanatics whose intentions and activities were well known and whose members, though comprised of different types of zealots, were driven by religious tenets they conveniently revised to fit their prejudices and defend their actions.


9/11/01 was the masterwork of Radical Islamists who morphed their faith into political dogma that preaches hatred and reviles non-Muslims, especially Zionists, Capitalists and Christians.  Erasing them all from the planet is central to the mission of their distorted faith.


9/16/08 was the epochal work of gluttons who worship the dollar as their God and all the ways to leverage, hedge, discount and manipulate it as their religion.  These are Radical Capitalists who amassed mountainous sums of Monopoly money and used it to prey upon the financially unsophisticated until the point, 9/16/08 to be exact, when their house of cards collapsed and the beginning of the end of unregulated, free market “radical” capitalism was put into motion.

The legacy of these Radical Capitalists is disgusting:  They’ve ruined millions, skimmed billions and created a debt they’re unable to repay estimated in the trillions.


What do we do now?

Let’s look at what we’ve learned from 9/11/01 which, essentially, was to order our magnificent military to deploy in faraway lands where our enemy was purported to be hiding.  To their enormous credit, the military has steadfastly pursued bad guys while protecting the innocent even though the two are indistinguishable.

But they persist.

The dollar cost in the trillions pales when compared to the priceless lives of those patriotic soldiers, fallen and lost.

But they persist.


The solution for 9/16/08 calls for a different plan.

Different, dangerous and illogical; moreover, the enemy is within.

Instead of calling for the heads of those who caused this cataclysmic event, Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Paulson, one of those culpable since he failed to regulate, mitigate and resolve the problem before it reached catastrophic proportions, has been given the charge of crafting an eleventh hour bailout plan.

In other words, all the Wall Street foxes who have been feasting off the hen houses across the hinterlands of America in a wanton, free-for-all fashion, will now, thanks to one of their own, Secretary Paulson, be given title not only to these hen houses, but the entire farm.  Debt free.

To add insult to injury, the Paulson Bailout is compliments of all those innocent, tax paying Americans, like you and me, who believe in their country, trusted in their leadership and paid their taxes.

We’re Main Street Americans.


This isn’t a bailout.

It’s a prelude to The Nightmare on Main Street, starring George W. Bush, the acknowledged master of how to capitalize on fear to achieve a political end.  An urgent political end.  We must do it now!!  The world cannot wait.

Ignore the facts, we don’t have time.

Defame your critics because they’re un-American.

Act tough.


Keep feeding the fear.

Sound familiar?


When are we going to learn?