Open Letter to Hillary Clinton,

First, you know me and my family and I think it’s time for a small, but potentially winning shift in your campaign strategy.

It’s time to “out disparage” the Grand Disparager; aka The Donald.

Lying Ted

Little Marco

Crooked Hillary

Low Energy Jeb


From now until the November general election, you should never invoke The Donald’s proper name in any statement; instead, you should always remind the public who you’re running against and what inanity he’s espousing.

“Stupid Says”…like the old idiom, “Simon Says”…


Stupid Says…building a wall along the Mexican border will keep out rapists and murderers…

Stupid Says…women having abortions should be punished…

Stupid Says…we should nuke our enemies…

Stupid Says…he has no issues with the Klan…


The Donald IS Stupid.

The Donald IS thin-skinned.

The Donald IS the perfect candidate for making Stupid statements and validating this strategy…


Stupid Says a person born in America of immigrant parents cannot be trusted.


Stupid Says (in a room crowded with supporters)…”Look over there at that African American. I love African Americans.”


Most people view themselves as NOT stupid.

Trump’s die-hard supporters do not represent a winning constituency.  Potential supporters, those euphemistically described as being “on the fence,” can be swayed away from Stupid.