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Two America’s

Here’s a tall order:  Set aside for a moment the considerable flaws that define our two major presidential candidates and concentrate on the electorate.  I know it’s not easy.

Focus on the key constituencies that support each and you’ll see cultural, demographic and philosophic elements that are mutually exclusive and clearly depict two different and separate America’s.  It’s not a picture of absolutes, nothing ever is, but it’s one of distinct majorities favoring one or the other.

Tolerance vs. Intolerance.  Establishment vs. Anti-Establishment.  Big Government vs. Small Government.  Substance vs Style. It’s the issue of Intolerance that’s most telling.  Most defining.  Most disturbing.

Intolerance brought on by years of Congressional bickering and inaction.

Intolerance resulting from a growing welfare culture born of a half century of government subsidies in which one side gives and the other takes.

Intolerance created by the cumulative effects of terrorism, foreign and domestic, and an official response that’s ambiguous, inadequate and ineffective.  Perceived or real.

Intolerance driven by impatience with the almost pathologic failure of our elected leaders to act quickly and decisivelyon any issue owing largely to the above.

The intolerant are fed up.  Angry.  Prone to hate. Committed.Testy.  Unapologetic…Ergo:  Intolerant.

For the most part, the Intolerant are a newly unified, sizeable force in our society and they warrant attention.  Most disturbing is the fact that among this New Intolerant Class are groups who use intolerance as a weapon and have done so for decades.  These include the American Nazi Party, the Ku Klux Klan and the Aryan Nation.  These hate groupsare riding on the coattails of the genuinely disaffected and disheartened with their jackboots, skinned heads and white robes.  They all agree that one of the presidential candidates will give their group legitimacy and create an environment in which they can, once again, grow and prosper.

What a country.