Lies ‘R Us

“Lies ‘R Us” isn’t a big box store or a board game for death row inmates or even a brand of cosmetics for women over fifty.

“Lies ‘R Us” is an invisible country.

It’s been around for decades, but in an amorphous and leaderless form that defies detection.  It’s population totals in the tens of millions and a typical citizen looks just like a majority of Americans.  They are, in fact, our brothers and sisters, neighbors, co-workers, fellow parishioners and team members.

“Lies ‘R Us” is inhabited by disaffected Republicans.  Yes, its provenance is political and most of its residents are White.

What caused these widespread segments of “Lies ‘R Us” to unite and become one, formidable political force?
Answer:  Its leader, Beelzebub Au Gratin.

The B-A-G.  He’s the epitome of lies…a continuously erupting volcano of lies…a Biblical tsunami of lies.

The BAG animates the resentments that bind his followers…he legitimizes their long suppressed resentments…he demonizes all who challenge these resentments…The BAG is tantamount to a spiritual incarnation of an alternate morality…a sanctioned gateway to channel pent-up resentments against people of color, women, Democrats, science, election results…he’s the personification of a “basket of deplorable” values his followers proudly, no, indignantly carry on their shoulders to spite what we all know to be right, just and fair.  Those who find a home in this twisted universe, are jealous of the truth.  Dismissive. Begrudging.

In the invisible world of “Lies ‘R Us” conspiracies trump truth, magic trumps science, lies are the oxygen it’s citizens breathe and the grist that sustains them.

We don’t Iive in a modus vivendi; the country, “Lies’R Us”, is anathema to an evolved, civil society and its very existence threatens ours.

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