Living Lies
Lies have an organic nature. They live or they die.
When isolated and ignored, they shrivel up and die.
Lies thrive on attention…constant, unrelenting, everyday presence in conversation; especially media mentions that broadcast lies across the country and around the world.  Attention gives oxygen to lies; metaphoric “legs” that allow them to stand tall and command notice.
When cable news, network news and multiple social media channels continue to broadcast the name “Trump” in association with his false claim the 2020 presidential election was “stolen”, his BIG LIE lives.  And lives.
The mentally frail among us surrender logic to fantasy and go so far as to attach messianic meaning to the tripe that escapes the lips of D. Trump.
But it’s all Lies.  Egregious lies.
His every thought.  His every word…all are immune to truth.
Who would have thought the safest, most secure election in our country’s history would still be falsely branded as “stolen” a year later?
Who would have thought the deadliest pandemic in over a century would be helped by millions who belligerently offer up their unvaccinated bodies as benefaction to fictitious political rhetoric that dismisses the science of deadly contagions?
Who would have thought it would be legally permissible (and not insane) for protesters, all protesters, to arm themselves with AR-15 assault rifles loaded with live ammunition when marching in the streets?
Who would have thought that a violent insurrection could be organized and carried out against our representative democracy by one of America’s two major political parties?
Who would have thought the lies that connect all these atrocities and the liars who spread them are mainstays in America’s news and information networks?
It’s beyond sick.
America is now defined by vengeance, violence and virulence.  The uncommon denominator in all three is its appetite for lies.
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