Magnificent Mosaic

Sheltering at home has given me the time to stay current with the insidious spread of the “2019 Influenza”, aka COVID-19.

I’ve witnessed some interesting, empirically verified, truths.
More than half of all physicians interviewed on TV about the virus, all medical specialists, are immigrants or people of color; moreover, their respective academic pedigrees are outstanding. A large number of big city mayors are people of color; many are women. Local citizen leaders who are leveraging their areas of expertise such as food prep and delivery to benefit the disadvantaged are immigrants and people of color. My fellow Caucasians are also well represented by dedicated, truly remarkable professionals.  Thanks to them and millions more like them, the mosaic we call America is gloriously brilliant with diversity, color, talent and boundless generosity.

The vast majority of people who voice a political, not medical, opinion of the virus, politicians and local citizenry alike, are almost always white Americans.  Young and old.  Male and female.  Usually indignant. Always mask-less.
Politicizing the pandemic has spread faster than the virus itself.  T Rump, the personification of white power (and white shame), has purposely mis-characterized and marginalized the virus in his campaign tirades claiming it will magically go away; 99% of those infected will suffer almost no health consequences; the numbers of infected as well as COVID caused deaths are exaggerated, a result of fake news; masks are for Democrats; the greater the number of tests, the greater the number of detected infections (Duh…???); inserting UV lights inside your body and ingesting disinfectants will help eradicate the virus; anyone who wants a Corona virus test can get one…Yada, Yada, Yada.

I understand the clear and necessary advice to shelter at home, avoid crowds, social distance, hand wash frequently and wear a mask.
I’ve witnessed too many white Americans are spoiled and unwilling to sacrifice to the extent needed to combat this deadly scourge.  When bars and restaurants reopened in their areas, they went in droves.  When asked why they weren’t social distancing and not wearing a mask, they pompously replied, “it’s no different than the flu.
“The numbers aren’t accurate.
“I’m young and healthy and not                worried.                                                                        “I don’t know anyone who has or had corona virus.
“It’s time to get things open and back to normal.”

I’ve learned to be more attentive and appreciative of those diverse components of our magnificent mosaic who are exceptional… Intelligent…Informative…Empathetic… Unselfish.
These are true Americans determined to exemplify and preserve what’s best about America.

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