Misogynist Math

Introducing the “Me Two” Movement.
One way to identify a misogynist is doing simple math.  It can be revealing and damning all at once.
1+1=2 is a mathematical absolute that also applies to what it takes to tango or to get pregnant.

Women who find themselves in an unwanted pregnancy, are targets of misogynists.
When it comes to abortion legislation and its concomitant penalties, the misogynists among us insist on using fake math that supports fake results.

To them, 1+1=1.

When it comes to the math of getting pregnant, America’s judges and legislators believe One Woman + One Man = One Woman.  Misogynist Math.

This is what propels the spread of “Abortion Misogyny” and it’s contemptible focus on punishing women.  It’s not only a flagrant violation of a woman’s Constitutional right to choose, the basis of Abortion Misogyny is flawed…its corrupt logic doesn’t add up in any context.  Ever.

“Me Two” is a short anthem for women who find themselves pregnant and alone.
Sadly, the majority of judges and legislators  who support today’s anti-woman, anti-abortion legislation are men, specifically men whose disdain for women supports their belief in misogynist math.

Legislating morality is quintessentially immoral and legislating against mathematical absolutes is absolutely immoral.
“Me Two”, in the context of what it takes to get pregnant, is easy to comprehend because it’s morally correct, mathematically true and undeniably fair.

Imagine if the majority of administrators, legislators and judges were women.
Instead of your opinion on abortion, we’d be debating other issues:  Police reform, voting rights and human justice, infrastructure rebuilding, immigration reform, climate change, etc.

“Me Two” and “Me, Too” are twin themes aimed at righting the wrongs of sexual discrimination and fulfilling the long overdue need for sexual justice.

When it comes to supporting these two movements, can we count you in, too?

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