Part 3:  The Election of Donald Trump

[Some will argue the following is based on “alternative facts”. Wrong! It’s based on facts and logical suppositions. The CIA, NSA, FBI, ODNI (Office of the Director of National Intelligence) and FinCEN (The US Treasury Office of Financial Crimes Enforcement Network) are searching for the facts and they can use this narrative as “smoke” that will help them reveal the fire beneath.]

The election results on Nov. 8, 2016, were stunning. What was predicted and what actually happened were immediately subject to analysis and circumspection. It is clear now that all the “overt” causes of Trump’s victory, his anti-establishment, “shake it up”, alt-right, populist appeal vs. Clinton’s establishment, elitist, and status quo positions, have anatomically studied, discussed and discussed and discussed. Trump’s consistent use of “Crooked” to describe his opponent took root and his growing support base slowly, but certainly believed it. It does little to no good to continue the dialogue of known campaign failures and successes.

What led to Trump’s victory is what we do not know, the hidden, covert influences that were profound by any objective measure and were tied directly to Putin and his intelligence apparatchik. We need a complete picture of the Russian influence from the “Ritz Tape” to their successful prosecution of their cyber activities from acquisition, to data manipulation to distribution via WikiLeaks. Until we know the facts, we cannot parse out, analyze and use predictive metrics to determine optimistic: pessimistic parameters for voter outcomes.

We have a good sense of what Gen. (Ret) Michael Flynn carried out on behalf of the Russian Federations’ Alexander Bortnikov, Director of the Federal Security Service and Sergey Naryshkin, Director of the Foreign Intelligence Service. He made his candidate aware of Putin’s “Ritz Tape” and the importance of continuing his support of Putin and several of Putin’s political initiatives.

Flynn also paved the way for Paul Manafort to enter his candidate’s campaign at the highest level and define its direction and tone through Election Day.

What we don’t know are the clandestine efforts between Russia and the campaign carried out by Manafort assistant’s, Roger Stone and Carter Page. We do know they had advance knowledge of both content and drop dates of stolen Russian intelligence aimed at harming their presidential opponent and being released via WikiLeaks.

Perhaps the single most effective maneuver carried out by the Manafort, Bannon, Flynn trio, was the insertion of already hacked emails into the laptop seized by the New York office of the FBI in their on-going investigation of former congressional representative and known sexual pervert, Anthony Weiner of New York. Weiner’s marriage to the democratic presidential candidate’s top aide and confident, Huma Abedin, made this tactical move timely and potentially brilliant. All they had to do is select the one Trump acolyte with sympathetic Trump contacts in the NYC office of the FBI. Using these contacts, Trumps agent could get access to the Weiner computer and transfer the files. Only they would know the files were meaningless, but the plan was to use their discovery as leverage against FBI Director Comey to force him to continue his investigation of the democratic candidate’s emails.

At that specific moment in time, the democratic candidate was leading in the polls, but suffering growing irritation and skepticism over her emails and use of a personal email server. More and more independent voters were shifting their support away from her for one key reason: They couldn’t trust her.
The strategy worked. The campaign was over. Trump elected President.