Part 1: Operation Take-Over

[Until proven, the following is based on alternative facts].

In November, 2013, Vladimir Putin received a first-class ticket to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. It was cleverly disguised as a surveillance tape and its subject matter so banal, Putin chose to ignore it.

On June 17, 2015, Putin was meeting with Alexander Bortnikov, Director of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, when Bortnikov played the disregarded tape. As they scrutinized its content, Bortnikov advised Putin that their surveilled subject was now an announced candidate for the presidency of the United States. He was known to both as a flamboyant real estate mogul with a titanic ego who tirelessly engaged in self-promotion and self-aggrandizement. From earlier intelligence, they knew him as a man of excess who loved beautiful women and was unapologetic for his medieval and misogynistic treatment of them. In his world, women were chattel, acquired objects he used to “decorate” his life and satisfy his baser appetites. These are factors Bortnikov took into account when he decided in November, 2013, to employ Russia’s formidable domestic intelligence apparatus to surveille the now U.S. Presidential candidate.

Once the full tape had been reviewed, Putin put in motion a plan that would enable Russia to take a giant leap toward its stated goal of global domination. A step that could (and eventually would) change the world forever.

History will record Putin’s plan as the work of genius. It will be remembered by intelligence aficionado’s as prima facie evidence of Putin’s mastery of spy-craft; in particular, the effective use of acquired intelligence to create propaganda to effectively manipulate voter behavior of his greatest enemy. Behavior that favors Putin and his, soon to be, hand-puppet candidate.

As the former head of Russia’s KGB, Putin’s spy-craft is legendary; however, in this instance, it demonstrates less his skillful conduct of clandestine operations than how smartly he leverages found intelligence for its full measure of value. His near-term mission is to politically divide America and subsequently overtake it in furtherance of his broader goal to be the world’s hegemon.

The future candidate came to Moscow in the Fall of 2013 to host his Miss Universe Pageant. He chose the luxurious Ritz-Carlton in the center of Moscow as his base of operations. With its gilded décor replicating 19th century Imperialist Russia the future candidate was right at home, reveling in his celebrity and dismissive of his vulnerabilities. Once he settled into the sumptuous Ritz-Carlton Suite, with panoramic views of the Kremlin and Red Square, he anxiously awaited his invited female guests.

Alexander Bortnikov was intimately familiar with the Ritz-Carlton Suite and assigned two of his agents from the Directorate of Operations to conduct standard “HUMINT” (Human Intelligence) surveillance. Cameras, audio receivers and phone taps were all in place. The evening came and went. The morning after the two agents presented their taped findings to a pleased Bortnikov who immediately forwarded the tape to his boss, President Putin.

Following his belated review of what was clearly an explosive and powerful piece of intelligence and knowing the subject was now an announced candidate for U.S. President, Putin called a dinner meeting of his intelligence triumvirate with the intent of engaging their vast resources to carry out Operation Take-Over.

The meeting went as planned. Joining Putin was Alexander Bortnikov and his two Russian Federation associates, Sergey Naryshkin, Director of the Foreign Intelligence Service and General Dmitry Kochnev, Director of the Federal Protective Service. The new candidate was the focus of their discussions and the intelligence chiefs agreed with Putin he would be their candidate, their flag bearer and the beneficiary of their daunting intelligence capabilities. Each of these agencies conducts what the U.S. calls, “Black Ops”, which regularly operate in the shadows and engage in illegal intelligence activities. Bortnikov’s assignment was to make the new candidate fully aware of Putin’s “taped” intelligence and its tacit power to destroy his political future and financial fortunes. Bortnikov made a duplicate tape and, with instructions, handed it to Gen. (ret) Michael Flynn, an American asset with ties to both the Kremlin and the new candidate. Both Gen. Kochnev and Sergey Naryshkin agreed to work together focusing Russia’s data grab, cyber hacking services, and their data enhancing, disinformation services, to acquire and shape evidence to favor Russia’s chosen candidate.