Mueller Report For Dummies

Someone needs to write a ten page, double-spaced synopses of Mueller’s 448-page report titled, “The Mueller Report For Dummies,” with the subtitle, “Evidence of Guilt”.

Or, “Defend This!”

Mueller has made it easy to determine guilt in Volume 2 by listing ten areas of documented obstruction; moreover, I believe enough evidence of conspiracy with Russia in Volume 1 is presented to assemble a convincing argument for conviction.

Distill the bulk, the legalese, and duplications down to a concise, totally documented presentation of incriminating facts.

I believe most newspapers will publish the piece and it could be sold in printed and digital editions.

America needs it.

If you could translate it all into political cartoons, you could (1) add these to the written version and (2) publish them as a separate edition.

The illustration only edition would target T Rump and his base; especially the coloring book version.


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