Murder Delayed

Why do I feel like I’m living my life inside a Roman Colosseum? Every time I look around I see an angry mob looking down at me hammering their fists through the air with their thumbs down.

Death obviously excites them.

Members of this mob are unapologetic and dogged advocates for Death.  It’s manifest in their exhortations for “no-limits” gun ownership regardless of its role in the mass murder of innocents…from school children to concert goers to on-the-job hourly workers.  They add to their pedigree of Death by treating the COVID pandemic with indifference and belligerence thus promoting its continued spread and deadly outcomes.
Climate change is a favorite
target and they attack it as a hoax; furthermore, they deliberately ignore its existing threat to human life and demean the catastrophe it portends as fu-fu dust.  Climate change is their hangman of last resort.

It doesn’t take a stable genius to discover the truth behind their mask of civility.

The mob is universally opposed to abortion falsely claiming they’re “Pro Life”.  Death, yes death, is their ultimate intent.  It’s impossible to disguise.

They fiercely protect the unborn only to enhance their quarry of the living.

Texas has just translated their macabre ambitions into the most medieval anti-abortion legislation in our history.

Murder delayed is not murder denied.  It’s just murder delayed.

If a bullet doesn’t get you, then a lethal contagion could finish the job.  If these fail, the mob will defer to their ultimate weapons of death …they’ll rely on hellish wild fires, rampaging floods, ungodly droughts, apocalyptic hurricanes and tornadoes.  Death and destruction, to them, are gratifying certainties.

There’s a name for these murderous devils.  Just look around you.  You can be one, too. Just give them a thumbs up by giving them your vote.

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