Sex Could Be Next.

It’s possible.
Criminalizing abortion….banning contraception….
What’s next?
Common sense informs us that abstinence is the next logical step; especially when unprotected (unlawful) sex is part of the new (Republican) governing reality.

It’s simple logic:  Pregnancy is a direct consequence of sex. Unwanted pregnancies are not uncommon and with protected sex being unlawful, unwanted pregnancies will become epidemic.

For a myriad of reasons—economic, cultural, personal and, sadly, political—both married and single women will slowly begin weaning themselves away from the dangers that accompany physical sex.

Our world as we know it will change.
Men will resurrect the popularity of the world’s oldest profession.
Rape will become the most violent crime everywhere.
Gay marriages will flourish (unless, they too, fall victim to the self-righteous axe of Republican populism).
Adult toy stores will enjoy record sales.
The demand for passports, especially for travel to Asian countries, will skyrocket.
Victoria Secrets will go belly-up.
Psychiatrists will have unprecedented demand.
Weight-Watchers, Noom, Nutri-Systems, Keto, will be forced to consolidate or go under since demand to “look good” will slowly peter out.
Urologists will struggle meeting the sudden demand for vasectomies.
OB/Gyns will have similar problems meeting the demand for hysterectomies.

Our world doesn’t revolve around sex.
Our world exists because of sex.

More and more, America is becoming no country for sane people.

### 30 ###