To put it in “T. Rump base language”, Roy Moore is like a turd covered in maggots.
Yes, the maggots are repulsive by themselves…vomit worthy, but it’s the turd that needs to be wiped from
the planet and flushed down the toilet.
Roy Moore and his self-righteous, barbaric sanctimony is the disgusting turd.
The maggots derive from his predation of teen-aged girls.
I agree that bad behavior is exactly that…bad behavior.  But, just as crimes against society vary in their harshness and
evilness, as do their respective punishments, there needs to be a sense of proportionality applied to the charges of sexual misconduct.
Plus, it’s a great time for jealousies and outrage to be articulated as sexual misconduct by spiteful women against men they disdain.
Hyper-partisans are ideologues and have no moral value that exceeds party loyalty.  Charges of sexual misconduct have been weaponized by this particular moment in history, due in large measure by the Harvey Weinstein’s, et al, making today a perfect time to target and destroy opposition members using sexual misconduct as their weapon.