New Realities

It took four painful years to elevate a lie to the stature of a truth.  It’s a remarkable makeover that has leveled the dialogue between those who argue using alternative facts and those who use actual facts.

This is worse than a false equivalence; it’s dangerous.
Potentially explosive.  It devalues the truth at the expense of worthless untruths.

Truth has boundaries.  Lies don’t. Truth is verifiable.  Lies aren’t.
Truth is naked. Lies aren’t.
Truth is disciplined.  Lies aren’t.
Truth is balanced.  Lies aren’t.
Truth is defined.  Lies aren’t.
Lies are just that, lies.

When counterfeit money, art, documents, jewelry, and the like are assigned values equal to the genuine articles, the world has gone awry; slipped off its axis.

Lies drive economic policy that equates awarding billions of tax breaks to billionaires with a few thousand dollars for average wage earners.

Lies support an immigration policy that equates robbing young mothers of their infant children with sound, humane treatment.

Lies reinforce the argument that extorting the president of a foreign government for political gain is nothing more than a harmless, “perfect” conversation.

Lies equate efforts to incite insurrection against our democratic government with one’s First Amendment right of free speech.  These are “Big” lies.

The dignity of truth should never be associated with the wickedness of lies.  Wake up America.

Truth is immutable.

Harry Herget