It’s Complicated.

Pandemic or Genocide

In many ways the United States is like a big ship; unsinkable; at the very least, hard to bring down.
Many people I know who continue to support T Rump share the attitude, “We know he’s limited and flawed, but how much damage can he do?”

Good question.                                                  Time to pause and think about our answer.

To extend my analogy, the spreading corona virus is as perilous for the United States as an iceberg is for a huge, titanic-sized ship.
Importantly, what lies beneath the surface, what you don’t know about the lethality of a new, viral contagion, can have disastrous consequences.
Deadly consequences.
Edward John Smith witnessed this truth 108 years ago on April 15, 1912.
As he saw the flagship of the White Star Line, the “unsinkable” Titanic, succumb to the inevitable, he committed to forfeit his life to the same fate.
He was one of 1517 casualties that fateful day; in fact, nearly seven of ten passengers aboard the Titanic perished.
Our president, T Rump, is perpetrating a cruel and deadly hoax on a vulnerable and innocent America.  He’s doing deliberately what Captain Smith suffered accidentally.

This is where T Rump crosses the line that separates a deadly, containable pandemic from malevolent, ungovernable genocide.

Yes, some Americans are naive and doggedly defensive of every word that spills from T Rump’s lips, but we all have to get real.  Set politics aside and pay attention to the science.
America is headed for an iceberg.  What’s significantly different from where we are today compared to April 15, 1912, is our Captain T Rump, has been warned over and over again that a catastrophic iceberg is in our path, but “the big fool says to push on.”
He refuses to acknowledge the science and the danger it portends ahead.
He persists to distract potential victims with tweets about e-cigarettes, Bernie Sanders, AG Barr and conniving Democrats.
His motives are nakedly political.  He cannot afford to lose reelection in November because its impact will have next to lethal consequences to his future.  The day after the new president is inaugurated, T Rump will be subpoenaed by the State of New York for his role in the Trump Foundation, his fraudulent (and documented) avoidance of enormous estate taxes, his openly criminal money laundering enterprise and his use of an inflated personal financial statement to defraud banks into loaning him millions.
But let’s focus on the catastrophe at hand.  We’re down to an issue of life and death today and our fate is in the hands of a self-serving, lying, un-convicted felon.

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