Party Rifts

To understand the current differences in our two major political party’s, just consider what divides them.

Democrats are at odds about how much student debt is forgivable, provided they can legally forgive any amount.  They’re debating over how soon schools should re-open, what grades, how many days a week, on-going testing; plus, should all teachers be vaccinated before entering the classroom. They argue over the size of the $1.9T Biden Relief program and the most fair and equitable ways to distribute these funds to individuals, overall COVID response, vaccination production and distribution, testing, funding needed to re-open schools, state funding, business funding and more. Immigration policies, Infrastructure prerequisites … etc… etc.., also claim a share of time in their discussions.

Republicans have fractured into two hostile factions:  Camp Trump and Camp Never Trump.  Camp T defends the former president as a Patriot, supports his conspiracy theories and continues the big lie that the election was stolen from him.  Camp Never T is focused on recapturing traditional Republican values of limited government, fiscal responsibility, strong educational and defense programs.

In effect, we have three, not two political parties.  One party is focused on governing; one is trying to recover and restore the best of its original self and Camp T,  the splinter party, is in exile.

Camp T is lost in space, orbiting around one personality, The Great Pumpkin, devoid of any enduring values such as reason, empathy and truth.

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