>>>>> It’s infectious.
>>>>> Among the self-righteous, it’s a contagion with a 100% infection rate.
>>>>> They’ve politicized abortion converting it from a moral to a political issue.  Why allow religious or personal beliefs get in the way when you can politicize and criminalize abortion thus adding YOUR judgement to the mix of consequences?  Insisting others be forced to adhere to your personal beliefs is a defining symptom of politicitis.
>>>>> COVID-19 vaccines have been reconstituted and now come in two different forms:  (1) A Scientific option that acts as an antigen against a viral contagion, and (2) A Politicized alternative that relies on conspiracy theories and downright lies to inoculate the faithful against the virus.  The choice is yours.
>>>>> By politicizing the Pandemic, politicitis was given the green light to spread among the most vulnerable among us…the belligerent ignorant…people willing to place their very life in the hands of a carnival barker.  Where else but America do you have the inalienable right to be stupid.
>>>>> Mean stupid at that.
>>>>> Politicitis is infecting the ways we respond to unfavorable election results.  Symptoms include refusing to accept our fate and admit the loss…undermining the election process by claiming it’s rigged…incite others to riot against the results by attacking our country, destroying property and injuring police officers.
>>>>> Politicitis causes groups of the infected to surrender reason to extremism, drape themselves in the American flag and use their own cell phones to capture their
>>>>> behavior and document their crimes.
>>>>> Early warning signs of politicitis include watching Fox News voluntarily; considering Mitch McConnell a fair-minded steward of the democratic process; believing Donald Trump is a successful businessman, philanthropist and faithful husband; trying to retain Rudy Giuliani as the public voice of the Four Seasons Landscaping Company.
>>>>> The only known cure for politicitis is getting an education.  What you don’t know could infect you.
>>>>> ### 30 ###