Question Marx

Which is he?
The sixth Marx brother, DoDo Marx?
The neglected sibling of Karl Heinrich Marx, the German philosopher and political revolutionary and his sister, Louise??
I’d say it’s a toss up.
Only Groucho rivals DoDo in his inexhaustible entertainment value.  It doesn’t get much better than saying you could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and then get away with it!  What a hoot!
Or, introducing his good friend Tim Apple head of Apple.  Hah! (Tim Cook).
Who else but a true blooded Marx brother would describe a viral pandemic as being totally under control; then suggesting, if you got infected, you could rid yourself of the deadly virus by placing ultraviolet lights inside your body…Stop, stop…my sides are splitting!
Oh yes, if that doesn’t get you rolling in the aisles, follow DoDo’s advice and drink some disinfectant or take a drug that laboratory tests reveal can be lethal to virally infected patients, or, if your insulin is normal, try taking some extra insulin anyway.
Oh, brother.  This is rich!!
If you view the 1933 political satire, “Duck Soup”, not for its comedic value, but as a documentary, you’ll get a sense of what I mean.
DoDo Marx.  He’s everything his name implies.

What about Karl Marx, the German philosopher, economist, journalist and political theorist? Conspiracy theorists claim he had an intellectually and emotionally challenged brother who, by all rumored accounts, was the exact opposite of Karl.  This obscure brother was known as Adolph, The Deplorable, or simply, The Donald. He contributed little or nothing to society. He was intellectually incurious, rude, vengeful, self-righteous, narcissistic, and his tightly girdled bodice couldn’t disguise his oafishness and morbid obesity.
He is best known for his comic book series, “Das Kaput”, where his claim that “People are the Opiate of Religion,” somehow survives even today.
So whose brother is he?
Give up?
He’s a bastard.


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