Recipes For Disaster

I’m no chef, short-order cook and never was assigned KP duty in the military.  But I do know that not all instructions and ingredients apply to food.  I have learned from the world around me what results from mixing anything with politics; especially things of value.  No conjecture, just empirically verifiable outcomes that threaten the health and well-being of the most “advanced” country on earth.

When you mix healthcare with politics you get politics.  A deadly pandemic that’s killed more than 150,000 Americans is simply going to magically disappear according to the latest political forecasts.  Injecting yourself with toxic disinfectants is proclaimed to be a cure as well as using the roundly debunked hydroxycholorquine.  Let’s not forget, 99% of all victims of COVID just have the sniffles and get over the virus in a day or two.

When you mix social justice with politics, you get politics.  Using armed police on horseback, tear gas and pepper spray to disperse and “dominate” Americans who are peacefully protesting; exercising their first amendment right of free speech is considered normal… Ordering unidentified federal troops to states, uninvited, where similar protests are underway to continue their “domination” strategy using tear gas and pepper spray as well as kidnapping protesters and brutally clubbing them without provocation simply add to this distasteful display.

When you mix education with politics, you get politics.  Doing harm to the harmless is politically expedient when demands to restart the economy overwhelm the need to protect our nations’ future as we put our children and their teachers in harms way.

When you mix racial justice with politics, you get politics.  Neo-Nazis and other white supremacy groups are “good people”.  Failing to honor the death of a civil rights icon is done in good conscience.  Using racial slurs throughout your life as well as codifying racist policies in your real estate business seem to blend together well.

When you mix civility with politics, you get politics.  “Lock her up”…”douche bag”…”snake”…”crazy”…”the Press is the enemy of the people”…these crude monikers and many more like them seem to dominate the lexicon and foul the air spoiling ones appetite.

When you mix the US Postal Service with politics, you get politics.  Denying emergency funds during the COVID crisis and threatening the solvency of the USPS is nauseating enough, but promoting false claims that voting by mail is fraught with corruption and fraud completes the nasty formula.

You can mix music…mix drinks…mix metaphors…even mix it up.  However, when politics enters the mix, it spoils everything.

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