Running In Place
It’s official.  The 2024 presidential race has two candidates planning to run.
Both must “say” they’re running regardless of their true intentions.
D. Trump lives off other peoples money as much as he needs oxygen to live.  “Saying” he’s a candidate keeps his pulse normal and his bank balances strong.  It also limits the number of “disloyal” Republicans from making the same announcement of their presidential aspirations…and don’t undervalue the regenerative power of the media spotlight.
J. Biden has equally obvious reasons to “say” he’s a 2024 candidate; first, the only thing worse than a “lame duck” president is being a losing candidate.
He must avoid “lame duck” status to keep his BBB agenda and voting rights legislation alive with possibilities.  Keeping Kamela Harris’ ambitions in check in view of her highly disappointing performance as VP, is critical to democrat’s hopes of keeping the White House.
In effect, D. Trump and J. Biden are doing age appropriate future gazing.
Two septuagenarians who know exactly how to “run in place” to win short term objectives and avoid breaking a sweat.
### 30 ###
Harry Herget