Selective Justice
I was willing to cut Chief Justice Roberts some slack for remaining silent when T Rump assailed (Federal) District Judge Gonzalo Curiel for being “Mexican”.  Per Trump, the appearance of being from Mexico mandated the judge’s recusal from presiding over a $40 million class action suit against Trump University for fraud.
Thanks to his xenophobic comments about Mexicans being “rapists”, T Rump believed a person with a Hispanic name would automatically return his hate by being prejudiced against him:  Tu Quoque.

Then Roberts presided over the Impeachment trial in the Senate which, by any objective measure, was a sham. This proceeding was monumental; however, it was absent any discovery.  No witnesses or documented inculpatory evidence was allowed.  To make a stand in favor of a real trial would not have changed the trial’s outcome, but would have given the proceeding and its overseer the judicial stature they deserve.  But, no.  Roberts chose instead to hide behind his silence.

Judge Amy Berman Jackson presided over the trial of Roger Stone who was charged with seven felony counts.  When the jury found Stone guilty on all counts, Trump tweeted that the forewoman of the jury “was totally biased as is the judge.”  His tweet was sent prior to sentencing.
Judge Jackson is a federal judge and Justice Roberts is her judicial guardian.  I waited and waited but silence, once again, rang loud and clear from the Chief Justice.

Enter Senator Chuck Schumer, minority leader in the Senate, fulminating on the steps of the Supreme Court. His tirade targeted T Rump’s two Supreme Court appointees about the possibility the Court, with Gorsuch’s and Kavanaugh’s support, will restrict a woman’s right to choose in abortion cases.
Now Justice Roberts steps up, breaks his silence, and admonishes Schumer for threatening the justices. Schumer was wrong with his poor choice of words, but this was a political, not judicial, event and should have been handled differently.
Bottom Line: Chief Justice Roberts is selective when it comes to his public rebukes.
I’m an independent; apparently, Roberts is an unabashed partisan.  When a Democrat is in his cross hairs, Justice Roberts raises the blindfold, takes aim and tips the scales of justice in his favor.

Shame on Roberts.

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