Side Effects
>>> Why are pharmaceutical companies required to include “possible side effects” as part of the content in their advertising?
>>> It’s as if there’s no intermediary between the patient and the drug company, but that’s the point. Their ads are primarily targeted at healthcare professionals; the rest of us are nothing more than collateral victims exposed to hearing side effects that seem worse than the problem.
>>> Physicians have a “patient facing” relationship whether in-office or via Zoom. They not only know the patient, they know the pathology that justifies specific prescriptions in terms of type(s) of drug needed and their proper dosages.
>>> But, I digress.
>>> None of this is the real source of my concern. None of this is really fair in the big scheme of things.
>>> Why?
>>> Just think of the common side effects of the majority of prescription drugs — diarrhea, fatigue, rash, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, irregular heartbeat, rash and hives.
>>> Guess what?
>>> Buttermilk, beets, sautéed liver, Brussel sprouts, cheeses: Limburger, Greensward and stinking bishop; octopus, nut butters, too much sugar or salt, etc., etc., etc….they all, and much, much more, have the same harmful physical (side) effects on me as do many prescription drugs, but where are the government sponsored warnings on these consumables?
>>> I’ve never seen a government mandated warning issued on McDonald’s French fries, hash browns or Big Macs. What about the Baconnator?
>>> Foods, like drugs, can do harm to the body whether the harm is immediate or progressive.  And, yes, “Death”, is a possible outcome.
>>> What’s fair is fair.
>>> I don’t choose my prescribed medicines; my doctor makes those decisions based on a variety of empirical, tested data.
>>> My diet is pretty much left to me, ME.  I’m not a nutritionist and my choices can’t be classified as prudent or healthful.  All I know is they taste great and I love them.
>>> On the flip side of fairness, I’m surprised there’s not a law against my habit of enjoying food that’s not good for me.
>>> America.  What a (bizarre) country.
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