Stupider And Stupider.

I love Texas.  Texans.  The Alamo. The Cowboys.  NASA.  Dallas.  Houston. San Antonio.  Austen…ad nauseam.

I’m a southern neighbor.


Texas politicians are a different breed.  They appear genetically altered to see Texas differently; to treat Texas differently.bbb

Yes, they love Texas, but it’s not the love based on affection and respect.  It’s a love of power. A love of controlling a state they view as their proprietary property; untethered from any rules or standards except those they promulgate.

To them, Texas is a separate country, suceded from the country and dependent on itself for the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.

From any objective perspective, this is less of a demonstration of Texas’ inalienable right to be “free”, but an undeniable act of stupidity.

Seceding from America’s utility grids and operating under the dogged belief that Texas, alone, is an energy powerhouse capable of using their energy arsenal to combat the devastating forces of nature, speaks for itself. It’s stupid.  Actually stupider than you think.

Seceding from our nation’s determined and disciplined effort to win the war against COVID-19, a contagion that continually morphs into more viral and lethal versions of itself, claiming that “Texans get it”, elevates stupid to a new level of stupider.

Texas, you’re smarter, much smarter, than these troglodytes think you are.

Secede from stupid and take back your great state.

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