T Rump Vs. The U S Postal Service


Ignorance Vs. The Truth.

Add the Postal Service to the growing list of T Rump’s most Unwanted.

To add injury to insult, how many of you corporate nabob’s could keep your company afloat if it were managed by Congress?

How long do you think it could last?


Back to T Rump.  Not only is he opposed to the $13B in emergency funding for the USPS during this unprecedented national emergency, he claims that voting by mail is subject to fraud and corruption.  He uses the mail to vote, but for his indentured subjects, like you and me, the mail cannot be trusted.


In one of his “alternative news” conferences last week, T Rump railed at how the Post Office has lost money year after year due to chronic mismanagement intimating it would be far better off under his tremendous leadership.

Little does he know.


What he doesn’t know, i.e., everything, has become part of our new normal during the past forty months.

The Post Office is constitutionally enabled, but the USPS – United States Postal Service- came into existence in 2006 as part of the PRA — Postal Reorganization Act (The Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act).  It was the PRA that created a unique burden on the Post Office that applies to no other federal agency or private corporation.

For reasons known only to Congress, the PRA requires the USPS to prefund 75 years of retiree healthcare benefits in only ten years.  This represents a total investment of approximately $110 Billion.

$110 Billion.

Few corporate goliaths in Silicon Valley could survive fulfilling such a mandate.

Part of the insanity inherent in this mandate is the majority of the intended beneficiaries have not even been born; moreover, Congress failed to integrate Medicare in this plan adding to its complexities and costs.

That’s not all.  Congress turned its back on future USPS retirees, subjects of this fund, by restricting (diverting) the savings to special Treasury bonds to lower the national debt.  This required the USPS to set aside larger sums to meet its financial obligations to retirees.

Being unfair to the USPS with its outrageous mandate wasn’t enough for Congress.  They used their legislative power to strangle the Post Office, then they surrendered to their criminal instincts to defraud it.

What business could survive under the control of incompetent and malevolent leadership?

Most people believe the Post Office is funded by Congress.  Wrong.  It covers its operating expenses through the sale of stamps, services and the growing popularity of its package delivery.

Most people, thanks to an ignorant press and president, believe the Post Office loses billions every year due to poor or mis-management.  Most years following the enactment of the PRA, the Post Office made a profit before making their mandated, prefunding contributions which put them in the red.  Losing money is far more sensational than making money.  Always good for a headline to feed the (mostly) false narrative.

Since 2006 the USPS has been put in a no-win situation.  To meet operating costs, they’ve had to raise the cost of postage during a digital revolution that’s truncating costly paper and paper delivery in favor of free or nearly free digital communications.  Yes, the Post Office is losing money today; in fact, since 2006, it’s lost $78B, three-fourths due to their prefunding requirements.

Last year, Congress introduced the USPS Fairness Act that would repeal the crippling prefunding mandate.  It passed the House on February 5, 2020, 309-106.  Mitch McConnell, the self-described, “Grim Reaper”, is holding the USPS Fairness Act  hostage in the Senate.

Bottom Line: People need to quit ragging on the Postal Service. They’re an independent agency that’s part of the Executive branch, similar in status to the CIA and NASA.

They’re fighting for us harder today than ever; sadly, more are dying every day due to the coronavirus.

In my book, I can’t imagine a world without the USPS.

Let’s stay Post Office Strong!


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