More and more Hispanics are showing up at emergency rooms suffering from TDD, Trump Delusional Disorder. It’s a new strain of paranoid schizophrenia.

Newly minted experts on this condition try to explain its causes. One day, they explain, the average Hispanic in America thinks a Trump presidency will deport them along with many members of their community. They’re convinced he’ll follow through on his very public promise to deport them immediately after taking office.

A few weeks later, note the experts, Trump reverses his deportation position and reinstates the status quo. Resident Hispanics everywhere are surprised. Blood pressures mitigate.

A few days go by and things change again. Deportation is back, front and center in the Trump Tripe along with promises to build his infamous “Wall”. Trump’s harsh language and strident tone are unsettling.

Hispanics feel Trump is out to get them.

Dramatic mood swings among Hispanics, caused by Trump’s quixotic position on immigration, have eroded their ability to function normally.

Professionals trained in the treatment of paranoia are powerless to help. They, too, have been affected. They’re suffering from a condition new to them and their profession. It’s called ETDD: Empathetic Trump Delusional Disorder.

The cure is obvious.

Isolate and treat the cause: Deport Trump.