The Anthropocene

The Age of Man.
You can also refer to it as the Age of Now.

This includes the Age of Pollution — man’s influence on the unnatural warming of the earth.
Plus the Age of Over Population and the challenges associated with feeding eight to nine billion people using exponential technologies to produce food.

COVID and Now.

The Age of COVID is instructive and prophetic.
Public response to the COVID crisis is an exact microcosm of its response to climate change.  A significant number of Americans ignore the cataclysmic effects of atmospheric pollution on climate changes worldwide.
They don’t care.  This applies precisely to their attitude toward COVID.
It’s provenance rests in the implausible repudiation of science itself, ergo, the questioning of its existence…the transferring of COVID’s biological nature from scientific to political…the rejecting of growing statistics coupled with the denying of the contagion and the dangers of its inevitable, lethal spread…and the ugly, infantile defending of their suicidal dogma using vindictive, mean spirited rhetoric.

When it comes to science and provable facts, ignorance isn’t bliss…it’s tantamount to playing Russian roulette with a fully loaded gun.  Suicide by ignorance and self-interest.

Wise up America.  Living smart begins with being smart.

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