The New Colonial America

In the time of COVID-19, the United States has devolved into a modern version of 16th century Colonial America.
We’ve grown from 13 to 50 colonies today, but the original rule of governance prevails once again:
“You’re on your own.”

Colonial New York has asserted itself as a regional leader in the war against this new pandemic and managed to create a regional amalgam of contiguous Colonies.

Our federal government, once revered as a repository of the Colonies collective trust and the culmination of their need for something greater than their individual selves; a synergistic pinnacle of their combined need for a united governmental force capable of fulfilling needs and combating threats too large for them to handle on their own.

That once needed, “United Force”, is gone.

The Colonies need to learn from history and respond like they did to the Stamp Act, taxation without representation, the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party…they unified.

It’s time to convene a new Colonial Congress, repudiate and nullify our current federal government and create a new United States of America.

America the beautiful is on life support and needs the Colonies to restore the grandeur and preeminence of the United States of America.

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