“If your house was invaded by nests of rattlesnakes and the more you looked the more rattlesnakes you found, would you, for one second, quit looking?” 


I’m Stupid, I’m Stupid.

The New ISIS.

It’s a large constituency of Americans that is neither silent nor invisible and, thanks to Vladimir T Rump, they’ve been given voice and identity.
Since November 8, 2016, they’ve surfaced and have been crawling and slithering all over this country.
They’re easy to spot.
In the Time of COVID, they’re the ones tightly gathered on beaches, in bars, restaurants, Churches, even at large motorcycle rallies.  All without masks.  Sneering.  Strutting.

If “I’m Stupid, I’m Stupid” was represented by a cleverly designed tattoo, all its members would have one.  It would fit in nicely next to their older tattoos of swastikas and confederate flags.

“I’m Stupid, I’m Stupid”.  Saying it once isn’t enough.  It sounds casual, almost flippant.  When said twice, it’s convincing.  It makes a point: “This person is really STUPID.”

One of the eternal verities is beheld when any ISIS member opens their mouth.
“COVID-19 is a hoax.
“I don’t believe the numbers. They’re not as high as the fake media would like you to believe.”
This is where I draw the line.
The real number of deaths is closer to double the “official” number and the real numbers of infected cases could be as high as ten times greater than the published numbers.

The most common pre-existing condition among COVID related deaths is poverty.  Not obesity. Not diabetes.  Not asthma.  Poor people are three times more likely to die from COVID than more economically advantaged victims.
Most died in urban settings.  When poor people get sick, they don’t call an ambulance…Why?… Because they have no money and have never called an ambulance before.  When poor people get COVID, they stay at home, in their beds and suffer in silence.  They die at home.  Tens of thousands have suffered this fate.  Few, if any, were recorded and reported as COVID caused deaths.
In these households COVID thrived.  It moved in and ravaged the inhabitants.  COVID and poverty are feathers of the same bird.

And what about the toxi-moronic logic, “the reason we have more cases than any other country is that we test more.”  The “Duh” factor of this comment goes off the “I’m Stupid, I’m Stupid” Nincompoop Scale.  To control and contain the virus, you need to know where it is and in what concentration.  It’s that simple.

If your house was invaded by nests of rattlesnakes and the more you looked the more rattlesnakes you found, would you, for one second, quit looking?  Would you believe for another second that NOT looking for rattlesnakes would magically make them disappear?

ISIS believes in not looking for the rattlesnakes.
ISIS believes in ignoring, thumbing their noses, at deadly threats that could strike them dead at any moment.
ISIS believes disinfectants kill rattlesnakes.
ISIS believes exposing others to rattlesnakes is a safe and acceptable practice, even convivial.
ISIS believes that, if bitten, they have a 99% chance of just brushing it off as a minor inconvenience.  Maybe they’ll just sweat a little.
ISIS believes that children are almost all immune from rattlesnake bites.

That’s it:  The image of a rattlesnake should be the ISIS logo.
Tattoo it on all their foreheads.
I admit, without a mask, the tattoo is redundant.
It’s like putting a sign on the front of an empty room.

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