The New Stupid
7:00 AM (1 hour ago)

In the time of COVID-19, we are witnessing a new breed of Stupid.
After all the warnings on the dangers associated with this new viral contagion — 6 ft of personal separation, no gatherings of more than ten people, shelter at home, self quarantine when you have symptoms — Stupid has emerged as a reverse contagion.
Stupid spreads rampant among those who’ve placed their faith in their leader, “Stupid the Incredible”.  You can see the New Stupids frolicking on beaches in Florida, congregating at bars, Churches, impromptu concerts; virtually anywhere they see fit.
When asked, “Are you not worried about the spread of COVID-19?”, they echo their beloved leader, “Why?… I feel fine and this whole thing is a Democratic hoax.”
There you have it.
The New Stupids are the easiest, most vulnerable to contract COVID-19.
Everyone knows someone who’s one of the New Stupids.
If you’re not Stupid, you know exactly what to do.

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