The Ruling Party

It’s hard to ignore.  America’s two political parties are not what they used to be.

The Democratic Party is the Too-Big-For-Any-Sized-Tent-Party, paralyzed by internecine strife and irreconcilable differences.  Their intentions are good, but their greatest, though unintended, value is paving the road to their destiny.

The Republican Party has devolved into The Ruling Party. Everything that crosses their plate seems to fall victim to their dictum, “Our Way or the Highway.” They respond to one metric — Power — and are united as they goose-step their way toward regaining control of Congress in 2022.
Gerrymandering Congressional voting districts, enacting voter restriction laws to minimize participation of minorities, conspiring with the January 6 insurrectionists to overthrow democracy and then lying about everything.  Power is the end that justifies all means.

All that matters is…Loyalty. Fidelity. Faithfulness…To Power.

Their greatest power is invisible and inexhaustible.  It derives from good people who challenge power with their silence.

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