The Siberian Candidate

In a bizarre twist of art imitating life, two politically inspired movie classics have been reprised as episodic reality shows.  They appear in real time, every day and they converge in both plot and lead characters; moreover, they are dramatically at odds with their pedigreed films.

To begin with, fiction has been supplanted by nonfiction, even though the truth in these new series is more far-fetched, outrageous and inexplicable than fantasy.
Jefferson Smith, a kind-hearted, utterly naive country bumpkin, has been replaced by a cold-hearted Vladimir Putin in the new infamous series, “Mr. Putin Goes to Washington”. The storyline contains no false assumptions, no unsophisticated expectations and no artless machinations.  Every move Putin makes is measured, calculated and flawlessly executed.

In the second series, our mind controlled Manchurian Candidate has been cleverly replaced by an empty-headed puppet; Putin’s Puppet to be exact.
This pathetic, bumbling pawn is known by many sobriquets; Agent Orange, New and Improved Pinocchio, Useful Idiot, T Rump, Ivanka’s Father/Husband…, etc.

This second made-for-tv series has been re-titled, “The Siberian Candidate”, and features Mr. Putin going to Washington riding on the back of his Puppet candidate.   He’s hard at work pulling puppet strings that chip away at what makes America great.  What Putin has identified as a strategic imperative — destroying America — his obliging puppet does with sycophantic zeal.

The U.S. Constitution has been marginalized; the Congress has been rendered useless; the Judiciary is suddenly politicized; Executive leadership is hyper-partisan and committed solely to social and political divisiveness; the media and all its corroborated scoops are fake news; all intel revelations, regardless of their threats to national security, are a hoax; American soldiers are being assassinated in exchange for Putin paid bounties; the worst pandemic in a hundred years will magically disappear…, etc.

“Mr. Putin Goes to Washington” where he manipulates “The Siberian Candidate” and creates an entirely new reality for all of America: Apocalypse Now.


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