The T-Bomb

On Insurrection Day, January 6, T Rump dropped a bomb on America he’d been building for five years.
He assembled it in public, in full view of pacifists, anarchists, Republicans, Democrats, Baptists and NASCAR fans.
It was a human bomb.
Main ingredient:  White Supremacists.
Explosive Components:  Lies.  Lots and lots of lies ignited by a BIG LIE.
It takes time to transform a large constituency of human duds into a brain washed mob of incendiary foot soldiers.  You can’t detonate a dud so T Rump purposely set out to turn Chinese salt into gunpowder.
Lies, repeated often and continuously, work like invisible fingers to reshape the brain from a powerful intuitive tool into a nasty, lethal weapon.
“The media is the enemy of the people.
“Covid-19 is a Democratic hoax.
“Fake news.
“My phone call with Ukrainian president Zelenskiy was “Perfect.”
“Article II of the Constitution gives me absolute power.
“The Wall is being built.”
These lies were repeated over and over and carried on a tidal wave of 30,000 other lies.
30,000 lies.  That’s an average of more than 20 lies every day of his presidency.
A record so profound it created a new category in the Guinness Book of records.

Now all T Rump needs, after years of work, to complete his Bomb is a detonator; something to set it off.
Enter the BIG LIE.
“The election was rigged.”
He supported his BIG LIE with complementary (false) claims of “widespread voter fraud”…and chants of “stop the steal.”
Bottom line:  The election was illegitimate, ergo, Biden’s victory is illegitimate.
Legal challenges followed.  Sixty efforts to alter certified election results under the tired banner of “election fraud” were rebuffed.
As the eleventh hour approached, overturning Electoral College results became T Rump’s last and only chance to remain president.
Elevating Mike Pences’ pro forma role of simply announcing electoral vote results into one with (unconstitutional) veto power over these results, was a new iteration of the BIG LIE. January 6 was the day set for electoral vote affirmation and he revolutionized it into “Insurrection Day”.

His long converted human duds were summoned to the Capitol City so he could gather them in front of the White House, rally them to a fever pitch then order them to the nation’s Capitol to complete the task of keeping him in office.
The fuse was lit.
The bomb exploded.
The Capitol was breached.
Skirmishes ensued.
Senate floor was invaded.
Six casualties.
Dozens of injuries.
If killing Speaker Pelosi and hanging VP Pence resulted, so be it.

Perhaps the most disturbing result of all the ugliness we all witnessed on “Insurrection Day”, aside from the casualties, is that half, I repeat HALF, of all Americans believe T Rump had nothing to do with it.


America …

Home of the Craven,
Land of Free-Wheelers and Seditionists.


The T-Bomb blew the mask off the real America and revealed it’s ugly, armed and dangerous.

### 30 ###