Here’s what’s TRUE about my new Truland home.

My wife and I just moved to Alabama and purchased a home in a development owned and developed by Truland Homes.  My wife is a RE Broker (ret) and I’m an entrepreneur running on empty. This new home is our 31st in our 32 years together.   What we’ve discovered in our latest acquisition is a litany of little things made BIG by virtue of their absence.

You can’t blame it on COVID, the erratic supply chain or Putin’s War.  These omissions are due to a corporate numbness brought on by a congenital need to inflate the bottom line by deflating the expectations (and needs) of the people being served.

Get a load of these relatively inexpensive upgrades that have fallen under the preferred shadow of idiotic downgrades:

—No utility sink.  First time ever!!  And this is our 31st home.  [Bathing the dogs in the kitchen (only) sink will automatically lead to dinner out.]
—Next to nothing water pressure.  We need a plumber to install a booster pump.  [The community pool and a bar of soap is always an option.]
—No double-paned impact windows…instead, I found some rolled up material in the attic that’s far too heavy for me to handle.  I don’t know what it is exactly, but I’m guessing this is a builders budget substitute for storm shutters.  [Plywood seems to work for most people, why not me?]
—Hobbitt-sized toilets that are excruciatingly painful to lower oneself to their oxygen-rich altitude.  [Once there, I order a pizza because I’m not going anywhere for a while].  Our last ten homes had comfort-height toilets.  [I didn’t know hobbits were so plentiful in Alabama.]
—No rheostats for chandeliers.  [Candlelight is far more romantic than dining on the surface of the sun].
—Two, low-powered fluorescent lights in the 2-car garage.  [That and a flashlight should get you to what few destinations await you].

I’m always interested in how easy it is to make a buck.  I’ve made a few in my day, but always put the customer first especially when their expectations matter.

Truland:  I have a pulse.  Why don’t you place your thumb on it and see what you learn.

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