The UN-Constitution


Remember the UN-Cola? (7-UP).

Maybe not, but we’ve moved into “The Era of ‘UN’.”


It appears it takes at least two hundred and thirty plus years for our country’s founding document to become UNimportant.


That’s right.  On July 21, 1788, the ninth of our original thirteen states ratified the U.S. Constitution giving it the 2/3’s support it needed to become America’s official governing document.


It appears the GUP, the Grand UNhinged Party, answers to a separate Constitution.  UNratified. UNwritten.  And UNbelievable.


It appears that our country’s failing infrastructure includes more than crumbling bridges, deficient broad-band connectivity, out-of-date airports, collapsing highways, sewer systems and power grids.

Apparently, the bedrock of our country’s representative democracy, our Constitution, is also past its prime and considered by the GUP to be irrelevant. UNbinding. UNneccessary.


The “GUP Constitution” is being written on the fly.  UN Conventional.


Its First Amendment is brief and narrowly focused.

It forbids any religion an Anglo-Saxon can’t pronounce, restricts the press from asking questions of politicians, guarantees the rights of individuals to speak freely provided it’s in support of their reactionary dogma and to assemble peaceably or otherwise. GUP base supporters are allowed the extraordinary right to express themselves using insurrection and sedition IF in pursuit of their leaders explicit directions.


Article II Section II, which specifies the Executive Powers of our President, was adopted in tact with only one notable deletion, “by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate.”


The GUP’s Second Amendment trump’s the original 1791 version by making it legal to possess all variety of assault weaponry from automatic rifles, high capacity magazines and grenade launchers.  UNregulated and heavily armed militias are legitimized and their widespread proliferation is encouraged.


The Fourteenth Amendment, guaranteeing every American equal protection under the law, has been scrapped and operates under the common-law doctrine popularly known as, “Whatever to give me and my white, sister-wife what God intended.”


Voting rights, enumerated in the Fifteenth, Nineteenth and Twenty-sixth Amendments, have been abridged to exclude citizens on account of race, color, previous condition of servitude and sex.


UNconscionable + UNethical + UNprincipled + UNscrupulos + UNfair = UN American.  The GUP.


The Era of UN.


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