Time to run

It’s taken less than 250 years for the United States to devolve into an irredeemable, imperfect union…the “Divided States of America.”

Core Democratic principles have been usurped by the states and are being handled the same inept way the states, in toto, handled their response to COVID.  If one renegade state fails to follow the science of virulent contagions, like a bad apple, it will spoil (endanger) all the other states. Over half of the Divided States have ignored science during the COVID scourge, deferring instead to worship political expediency. As a result, America is approaching 800,000 COVID deaths when most could have been avoided with unified and coordinated mitigation guidelines.

On your mark…

The states, one by one, are surrendering to The Ruling Party (once known as The Republican Party) and codifying anti-democratic laws that are certain to create an authoritarian state that ignores the people and concentrates power in the hands of a few.  A malevolent few.

America is on the brink of vanishing at the hands of insurrectionists.  Constitutional powers are balanced to combat sedition, but they are failing. The Supreme Court is no longer a law-defined institution, but a political appendage of the Ruling Party.  Congress is paralyzed by hyper-partisanship and the administration is crippled by lethargy and lack of focus. They are just one election away, about one year, from controlling two of our three branches of government.

Get set…

States, under the strangle hold of the Ruling Party, have already stepped in and put their legislative foot on the neck of democracy.  They have marginalized women by robbing them of their fundamental right to control their bodies and, to add insult to infamy, are offering rewards to vigilantes to enforce their demagogic edicts.

Gerrymandering Congressional voting districts to favor the Ruling Party’s candidates,
enacting voter restriction laws to minimize participation of minorities and allowing the Ruling Party to ultimately decide the validity of a states voting results, have combined to obliterate the fundamental value of public elections. Democratic elections are a thing of the past. A political relic.  The seditionists didn’t stop there.  They
conspired with the January 6 insurrectionists to overthrow democracy and then lied about everything.
This chronicles the progress and behavior of the authoritarians in the past year.
Power is the end that justifies all means.

If The Ruling Party takes back control of Congress in 2022, it’s time to rethink your future, dust off your passport, seriously consider where you want to live moving forward.  If they win back the Presidency in 2024, it’s time to act.


Get out.

Democracy is dead.

The Divided States will define our fractured and failed Democratic experiment. They’ll operate like fifty little countries who will exist outside federal dictates.  In their efforts to achieve self-sustenance, they will likely abandon our national military in favor of state sanctioned militias.  And the list of self-governance changes will go on.

Expect the Ruling Party to double down on its unchallenged claim as the “Death Party” — Continuing to hang the “Pro-Life” banner for the unborn on their shirtsleeves as camouflage for their rampage of death among the living…Creating a political gateway for COVID to spread its lethal tentacles among millions of the deliberately maskless and unvaccinated…Blocking any form of gun safety legislation so that personal grievances and mental debility can continue to be expressed with uncommon cruelty (death) in lieu of common sense…Opposing universal healthcare which promotes the cycle of sickness and death among the poor and disadvantaged….their consciousness of death is unconscionable.

How much of a future do you have when your “Ruling Party” is an active advocate for “Death”?

I admit two types of readers will react to this message:
(1) Ruling (Death) Party members and (2) Anti-Ruling (Death) Party constituents.

Neither will be comforted; both will react.

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