Timing and the truth

I’ve heard Roy Moore’s chief defenders argue: Why did the accusers wait so long to come forward?–dismissing their accusations as purely political. Really?

Not to be outdone, this is joined by a second defense that defies any sense of reason by an evolved human, and it proclaims, “I’d rather vote for a suspected pedophile than a Democrat.”

There you have it.

The first argument can be debunked while the second doesn’t merit a response. If you’re part of T. Rump’s unevolved base of supporters, these arguments hold water.

For the rest of us, we have to accept the uncomfortable fact that we live among these troglodytes whose world glorifies misogyny, chauvinism, sexual abuse, arrogance and bald-faced lying.

Fact: Abused women have a history of internalizing the pain caused by the abuse and thus allowing it to simmer in silence. Their abusers are typically men of greater power and influence who would be more than capable to add insult to injury if their victims ever came forward with a complaint.

But a sexually abused woman never forgets the moment and circumstances surrounding her abuse. Never! If it was 10 minutes ago or a half-century, it doesn’t alter their memory. Their pain. Their damaged life. Why? Because the truth is immutable. How long in time it takes to be revealed is moot.

Truth is truth. Now and forever.