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Walt Disney has nothing on Donald Trump.

Why?  For starters, Walt Disney was never President of the United States; more pertinent, because Disney and Trump are vastly different people and the fantasy worlds they created are proof positive.

Walt Disney created a fantasy world to excite and entertain the child in each of us.  All-inclusive.  People come with their families from the US as well as countries around the world to take time out from real world pressures and anxieties to enjoy a few ethereal moments of imaginary bliss.

Donald Trump lives in a fantasy world:  TrumpLand.                                                                                                It’s an exclusive world that he’s deliberately crafted to exclude children and adults of all creeds and colors with one notable exception:  TrumpLand is where angry white people go to vent, to raise their voices in a chorus of strident diatribes against the Washington establishment, the mainstream media, opponents of all stripes, whether campaign opponents, Congressional detractors or Federal Judges.  It’s a fantasy world defined by slogans and hats.

Disneyland is much different.  It’s filled with rides, exhibits and evening fireworks to celebrate our common bond as human beings:  The innocence of joy.                   It’s not hyperbole to characterize Disneyland’s spiritual leader, Walt Disney, as the Global Father of Fun.

TrumpLand is a moveable festival.  It travels the country from one arena to another.  Donald Trump is the President of TrumpLand and he presides over a relatively small constituency of poor people needing a job, working people who are fed up funding government entitlement programs, political extremists who feel TrumpLand provides legitimacy to their medieval views, White American’s who feel they’ve been marginalized, the disenfranchised seeking retribution against the ‘establishment’, and the like.

To all the people around the world who choose to visit Disneyland and be a part of its “Fantasy Land” atmosphere, please do not spoil your experience by trespassing into TrumpLand.  To those of you seeking refuge in TrumpLand, why don’t you take some time off and spent a few days at Disneyland.

Let’s transform ‘Sad’ into ‘Glad’.