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Trump’s “Tells” Tell the Truth

In poker, a “’Tell’” is a subtle or detectable change in a player’s behavior”. “Tells” are common among rookie poker players and usually indicate the player’s assessment of his hand. Experienced players gain a critical advantage simply by reading the “Tell”.

Donald Trump is a walking, talking, tweeting “Tell.” Over the past weeks, his comments are so “telling” in style and content that, in effect, he’s indicting himself. Trump is giving credence to an unconfirmed report that claims the Russians have career-ending dirt on Trump gathered during his visit to Moscow in November, 2013, when he was there to support his Miss Universe Beauty Pageant. It features Trump on tape.

This unconfirmed report is a 35-page “Dossier” prepared by Christopher Steele, a veteran of Britain’s highly respected MI6 intelligence organization. Steele’s history of intelligence gathering is impressive, even extraordinary, and considered highly reliable by his fellow intelligence officers. Since the “Dossier’s” release, Trump’s comments have become more strident, frequent and focused. These are “Tells”; moreover, when he’s confronted with damaging truths, Trump explodes. His public statements and tweets do more to confirm his guilt than support his innocence.

[Update: Counter Intelligence sources reported this week that critical elements of the “Dossier” have checked out completely. They confirmed contact between Trump campaign operatives and the Kremlin. The parties involved, including (ret) Gen. Michael Flynn, dates, times and content of conversations ALL were confirmed. This is ominous news for President Trump.]

To insulate himself from what he knows to be true, Trump is on the offensive and he’s sending a “Triple Tell”.

It’s loud. It’s clear. And it’s incriminating.

His first “Tell” is his persistent and obsequious fawning over Vladimir Putin, the man who owns this catastrophic tape recording he could have used to end Trump’s political hopes before the election and, today, can end Trump’s political future with a single nod to Sergey Naryshkin, the head of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Services. Putin has Trump by the short hairs and Trump knows it.                              “I love you Vladimir.”

Our intelligence community, which is key to protecting our democracy, is Trump’s second target. He has to undermine and demean their efforts. The CIA, NSA, FBI, ODNI (Office of the Director of National Intelligence) and FinCEN (The US Treasury Office of Financial Crimes Enforcement Network) are searching for the facts.  They’re focused on determining what effect the Russians had on our recent presidential election. Several, as mentioned earlier, have already confirmed elements contained in this new, damaging Dossier. These agencies will be the first to substantiate all the incendiary charges in the Dossier that indict Trump and Trump knows it. His second “Tell” is to be consistently mean-spirited in his condemnation of our intelligence community and his disparagement of their competence.                                                               “Their behavior is reminiscent of Nazi Germany.”

Finally, Trump’s third “Tell” is his stepped up, vociferous branding of the media as “dishonest”, “corrupt” and creators of “fake news.” He has to position the media as unreliable and untrustworthy because he knows they will be the ones to report the devastating news. He also knows the media will be vigorous, unforgiving and circumspect in their coverage. Destroying their credibility is key to his survival strategy.                                                                      “They’re a bunch of phonies.”

Really? Let’s hear it for our 46th President, Mike Pence.