Vaccine By COVID
>>>>> I know it sounds bizarre and it doesn’t happen without risks. Yes, it’s unapproved by the FDA, but it’s salutary benefits against COVID’s most harmful effects is real and documented.
>>>>> People who’ve survived being infected by COVID are left with anti-bodies that help them fight future contagions in much the same way as FDA approved vaccines.
>>>>> They can still be infected, but the likelihood of needing to be hospitalized is slim and death is even more rare.
>>>>> So…
>>>>> Omicron is more virulent, but less deadly; a blessing wrapped in risk.  If you’re unvaccinated, catch COVID and survive, you’re blessed.
>>>>> If cajoling, tempting, shaming even threatening didn’t convince you to get vaccinated, we can rely on Omicron to do it for us.
>>>>> What adjectives best describe the kind of person willing to accept this risk?
>>>>> Smart or ignorant?
>>>>> Selfless or selfish?
>>>>> Empathetic or narcissistic?
>>>>> Honest or dishonest?
>>>>> Giver or taker?
>>>>> Kind-hearted or belligerent?
>>>>> Non-threatening or threatening?
>>>>> Moral:  The Lord works in mysterious ways.
>>>>> ### 30 ###