“What Have You Got To Lose?

We’ve heard that challenge before; in fact, it was made popular by a loser.  A bigly loser.
This time it’s not an insult aimed at the poor and dispossessed; nope, it’s a statement of support to the only political party working to heal this country from a deadly pandemic…from voting suppression, gun violence, life-threatening infrastructure collapses…any and all efforts that signify America is a sober, serious-minded country.
The party of NO wants NOthing to do with any of it.  It’s members voted unanimously against legislation aimed at defeating COVID and providing overdue assistance to those hit hardest by the virus.  That’s right…ALL VOTED NO to providing life-saving help.
Now they’re going nuclear with their “scorched earth” threats, their petulant posturing, their on-going auditioning for starring roles in, “I’m a Loser,” a bio-pic focused on losing and the losing ways of their loser president.
The party of NO has transformed the world’s greatest deliberative body — the U.S. Senate — into a legislative corpse.  A hollow Chamber of NO.  A grave yard for good intentions.   A vacuous hell.   What have you got to lose?  Why not leave that question for the troglodytes and others who believe failure is an honorable career option.

We need to say “NO” to them.  “NO”, we won’t ignore poverty, lethal contagions, racist and xenophobic acts of terror…”NO”, we will seek to mend mental illness, crumbling highways and bridges, autocratic voter suppression, treasonous insurrections, gun violence…think about it, that’s a lot to lose.

“NO” never did anything.                 It all boils down to a question of what kind of America do you want America to be?

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