Which is Worse?

The Big Lie or the Big Recoil?
I believe anyone who believes the Big Lie is a fool.  But they’re much more than fools.  Not all Republicans believe the Big Lie, but all the fools who do are Republicans.  They’re committed to the Big Lie; soldiers in a fight in unchartered territory for an uncertain future. Their dedication is both fervent and frightening. From grassroots participation in local politics where they can shape local school, health and budgetary priorities to fit their dogma, to legislating, at the state level, fairness out of the election process.  New state enacted voting guidelines effectively suppress, even nullify, opposition voices to assure their political victory regardless of actual voting results.  They’re willing to fight, yes, literally fight from the ground up to defend the Big Lie and all the social, cultural and political devastation it will cause.
Bottom Line:  Their commitment is real.  Visceral.  Unyielding.
Opposition forces, largely Democrats, behave more like spectators than players.  They’re engaged in a war of words, not actions.  Spoiler Alert!  Sticks and stones CAN break your bones, even kill your.  Words may hurt your feelings, but they’re worthless weapons against a foe armed with AR-15’s and determined to kill you.  In effect, Democrats are cowards, falsely believing rhetorical platitudes are a defense against deadly force. Yes, the Big Lie Fools are locked and loaded and just waiting for the signal to hit the streets, position themselves in high traffic areas, then begin pulling their triggers. Democrats recoil from this reality and choose instead to fight their opponents with reason and common sense.  Big Lie Fools are not impressed.  Unmoved. Unchanged.
Bottom Line:  Democrats are a different breed of fool.  They’re headed into a gunfight with paper and scissors.  Spoiler Alert: This isn’t a game!

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