Womb to Tomb

What do you call a political doctrine that is adamantly pro-life then, after birth, reverses itself?  How can anyone be quick to criminalize abortion while simultaneously displaying a morbid affinity for death; at best, indifference to victims of deliberate carnage?

Meet a modern day Republican; not a traditional Reagan Republican, but one who lives in a nation of men, not laws.

Current Republicans wear “Pro-life” pins on their shirt-sleeves while their smirking faces are free of protective masks.  As the virus spreads and kills, they insist it’s a democratic hoax…it’ll just disappear…they continue to ignore CDC mitigation protocols…denounce the horrific statistics as fake news…blame the Kung-Flu on the Chinese.  They do nothing to slow and stop it; instead, they go out of their way to demonstrate opposition to COVID mitigation guidelines.  They’re COVID enablers.
Don’t forget, “Pro-life” is their mantra.

White cops continue to murder unarmed black men while red MAGA hats enjoy a surge in sales.
Hear their “Pro-life” chants and witness their raised clinched fists.

The meteoric rise in life threatening and deadly hate crimes against blacks, Muslims, Asians and Jews goes unnoticed among the MAGA base.  Their silence fails to mask their xenophobic indifference.
Their “Pro-life” bona fides remain strong and intact.

Branding Mexicans as rapists and murderers served as justification to build a defensive wall along our southern border.  It was, however, their heartless policy of robbing young Latino parents of their infant children that earned them a special place in Hell.
What possible value is “Pro-life” speech when it’s overwhelmed by their abject absence of humanity toward children!!??

Denying the outcome of a certified presidential election then channeling their disappointment via the false and time-worn claim “the election was rigged” provoked a deadly insurrection against our vulnerable Democracy.  It’s aim was to “stop the steal” by interrupting the official and Constitutionally mandated count of electoral college votes.
Innocent people, including outnumbered Capitol police, died.  Many were murdered.
Their chorus is building to a crescendo of “Pro-Life. Pro-life. Pro-life.”

Republicans will fight to ensure your right to be born, but that’s when their “Pro-life” efforts end.

The road from womb to tomb is paved with Republican intentions.


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