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Won’t Stop; Can’t Stop Campaigning

Donald T Rump much prefers campaigning for the Presidency than being President.  Just look at him.   His “Rallies” are nothing short of a continuation of his campaign.  The raw energy.  The outrageous comments.  T Rump is in his element.                    

Following the election he held nine, campaign-funded rallies and five more following his inauguration.

At these rallies, even before young Boy Scouts at their annual Jamboree, he comes alive and continues his rants against crooked Hillary, the fake media while reasserting his pledge to oppose the status quo in Washington and his intent to “drain the swamp.”

On the campaign trail, his alleged money laundering using banks owned by Russian Oligarchs was just that, an allegation, not the subject, as the elected President, of a criminal investigation.  Conversations about his campaigns’ conspicuous involvement with Kremlin intelligence officers and power brokers was just that…talk, not the subject of a criminal conspiracy against our Democratic institutions.                               

His constant lying and use of hyperbole serves him well and raises the enthusiasm of his audiences to a fever pitch.   It’s a performance.   His devoted constituency cares less about the content of his message than the specter created by a billionaire, reality show star and the promise that he’ll “stick it to the man” in Washington in ways they could never do and only dream about doing.

In the White House, President Donald T Rump faces his staff, the media, his Cabinet, selected guests every day with a permanent scowl.  His off-the-wall spontaneity has to yield, on an ever-increasing basis, to carefully written words displayed on a teleprompter prepared by someone else.  He rarely looks at the camera when reading from a prepared script.  He comes across as wooden.  Staid.  Bored with himself.  He’s not in his element.  He’s not happy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Only in the early morning hours when he’s alone with his cell phone does he feel unencumbered and free to exercise his penchant for articulating the bizarre…the insulting…the absurd.

Donald T Rump doesn’t want to BE President.  Nope.

He wants to keep RUNNING for President.                        

Apparently, he considers the NEWS that he won to be fake.