Yes, Virgil, there is a Caravan

Your friends and neighbors are wrong.

They have been affected by the truth in an age when the truth doesn’t matter.

Those around you do not believe except what they know to be fact.  They think that anything that is comprehensible and verifiable is, in fact, believable.

In our great world, man is just a varmint, enchained by his intellect and capable only of grasping the whole truth from what he gleans from earnest, intellectual inquiry.

Yes, Virgil, there is a Caravan!  It exists as certainly as alternative facts define the reality that lives in the little space between your ears.  Alas, how meaningless would political campaigning be if we didn’t have a Caravan.  What fun would there be.  It would be as bleak and dismal as a world without any Virgil’s.  That eternal light that illuminates the vacuous space behind your eyes would be extinguished.  Forever!

To not believe in the Caravan, you must believe in the crowd-size fairies who are blind to alternative facts; the voting-size fairies who mistakenly value verifiable results; and the fairy of all fairies, the Great Deluded One who believes that I colluded with the Russians.

I admit, nobody sees the Caravan threatening our borders but that is no sign it doesn’t exist.  The most real things in life are those no man, no woman, no child, nothing resembling a human can see.

Did you ever see an inaugural crowd bigger than mine?  Or the five million unregistered, illegal immigrants who voted against me?  Or my health care plan, Trump Care, that is better and cheaper than Obama Care?  Or my tax cut program for middle income Americans?  Or my infrastructure program that is rebuilding America?

Just because you haven’t seen or heard about them doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

A thousand years from now, Virgil, nay, ten thousand years, the Caravan, with all its rapists, murderers and freeloaders, will be there.  Coming to get you.


John Miller (aka David Dennison)